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2017 Executive Board

Posted by Sierra Youth Football League at Dec 5, 2016 12:36PM PST

The 2017 Executive Board was voted in yesterday. Below will be the new contacts for the SYFL Executive board. We had a shift, Dan Dearborn is now the commissioner and Brandon Hepner is now the Football Director.

Commissioner Dan Dearborn
Vice Commissioner Jeff Clark
Treasurer Rebecca Clinton
Secretary Dawn Presley
Football Director Brandon Hepner
Cheer Director Jessica Zeigler

As always, the entire executive board may be reached at

Sunday, December 4th is our annual meeting at 10am at the SYFL office.

We will be holding our annual elections during this meeting. All head coaches are eligible to vote in the election and we ask that you all attend. Each candidate will have an opportunity to introduce themselves and answer questions prior to the vote

For those Co-Area Coordinators, there is only 1 vote allowed per FB and Cheer A/C, so if you are Co-A/C, you may only submit 1 vote for the two of you so please be sure to discuss.

*No proxy voting is allowed so if you are unable to attend you may not send someone in your place to vote on your behalf.


FB Director:
Brandon Hepner
Casey Preston
Nathan Barlow

Dan Dearborn

Dawn Presley

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

As stated in the By Laws:


Section 1: Members eligible to vote include all officers, as set forth in the Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation and Constitution, all area coordinators and directors, as set forth in the Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation and Constitution, committee chairpersons in good standing, all committee members in good standing, and all head coaches in good standing. If a member holds two positions within the organization, the member is only allowed one single vote. Any camp having multiple people operating as co-officers (example, co-area coordinator or co-head coach), the co-officers may submit one vote as one officer.

Section 2: The membership of the organization shall hold an annual meeting at a time and place determined by the Board of Directors. Notice of the time and place of the annual meeting shall be known to the membership of the organization through publication or individual mailings not less than ten calendar days prior to the date of the meeting.

Section 3: Special meetings of the organization’s membership may be called by the Commissioner, or by majority vote of the Board of Directors, or upon written request to the Secretary by not less than five members of the organization. Notice of the time and place of special meetings of the membership shall be made known to the membership at least five calendar days prior to the date of the meeting.

Section 4: At each annual or special meeting of the organization, all eligible members present shall be entitled to vote. There shall be no proxy voting. A majority of those present, and eligible to vote, shall be required for election and questions brought to vote.

Section 5: The presence of not less than one-third members eligible to vote shall be required to constitute a legal quorum for the transaction of business at any special or annual meeting of the League.

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Equipment Return Information

Posted by Sierra Youth Football League at Nov 21, 2016 2:07PM PST

The next equipment return will be on \

Sunday, December 4th from 4:30pm – 7:30pm
Sunday, December 11th from 4:30pm – 7:30pm


In order to receive your full deposit back, you must return the following:
shoulder pads
chin guard
knee pads
practice pants
game pants

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Winter Classic Information

Posted by Sierra Youth Football League at Nov 21, 2016 2:06PM PST

Winter Classic will be on December 3, 2016 at Damonte Ranch High School

10am – Freshman
12pm – JV
2pm – Varsity
4pm – Collegiate

Entry fee will be $10

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Posted by Sierra Youth Football League at Nov 10, 2016 9:17AM PST

Congratulations to our teams who made it to the Championship games this weekend! Come out and support these kids! They have worked very hard to be in these games, so let’s be there to cheer them on!

The location is McQueen High School

The Gate fee is $10 per adult – children under 18 years are free

8am – Bandits Fallon vs Lassen
10am – Mavericks Reed vs SS
12pm – Renegades Fernley vs Galena
2pm – Freshman Reed vs Hug
4pm – JV SS vs Reno
6pm – Varsity Hug vs Fernley
8pm – Collegiate DR vs McQ